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BE MORE Media Ltd was founded in 2019 by Brendan Ashmore (hence the name – get it?). With a background in music, he began producing live music videos with a musical project he founded alongside two others called YBD Music.

Studying music at university, he wanted to be the go-to for students to get low-cost filming sessions with professional sound production. As the passion grew, he filmed multiple music videos for his friends and colleagues, later collaborating with many for their assignments. The videos posted online gained attention from businesses and clubs who required photography, especially since the previous projects were gaining popularity at a high rate on Facebook and YouTube.

BE MORE Media was soon to be the first port of call due to their experience in photography, videography and web design. We wanted to ‘be more’ than just a media company, aiming to help businesses solve critical problems and reach clients through the use of digital/physical media.